Have you ever tried to see smoke through the fog?

21 August 1987
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name: ida
birthday: august 21st, 1987
blood type: O+
height: 164cm
hobby: music. movies. phone calls. coffee. writing. reading.
strong point: social. energetic. adaptable.
weak point: impatient. blunt. certain trust issues.
favorite j-rockers: tora. kenzo. aki.
OTP: aki/kenzo

I'm just an ordinary girl who tries to be a writer. I'm friendly, most of the time, and I like to make new friends. I get confused and puzzled over the most random things, distracted way too easily. I'm forgetful and always late, for everything, including my own birth. It's true!

If you want some love then drop a comment if you read a piece of mine, I love anyone who comments! Please don't hesitate to add me, just don't forget to tell me who you are or above mentioned puzzled confusion will kick in full time! Till I meet you, ta! ♥

What's the best angle to cut someone's throat?
Well, usually from behind. That's usually how it works.

-- Nikki Sixx

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